RSP Lawyer Successfully Challenges Sealing Order

Recently, Sean Sinclair, a lawyer at RSP, successfully challenged a sealing order on behalf of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.  The sealing order prevented the media from obtaining and publishing any information with respect to the search warrant obtained by the RCMP in relation to a significant drug arrest.  After successfully challenging the sealing order, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix published a story that exposed the workings of a local gang, the Terror Squad.   The article can be found here:

A further follow-up editorial on the issue in which the StarPhoenix praised the work of Sean Sinclair can be found here:

Gwen Goebel’s opinion of Bill C-422 in “National” magazine

In the June issue of CBA’s “National” magazine, Gwen Goebel weighs in on the controversial proposed Bill C-422, a private member’s bill which would presume equal parenting rights after divorce. As a specialist in custody-related issues, Gwen is concerned that “the need to prove abuse or neglect in order to come away with anything other than shared parenting may provoke or increase harmful mudslinging”.

The article, which begins on page 29, can be found here:

Month: July 2011