Construction 101 with Alexandre and Epp

Misty Alexandre and Jared Epp were among the presenters at the Saskatoon Construction Association course Construction 101 on November 23.

Construction 101 is offered to all construction industry stakeholders looking to gain a greater understanding of the “big picture” including owners, contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.



Sean Sinclair is Placed on the Nice List

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Jail-N-Bail is all in fun. Each year, normally upstanding citizens find themselves under arrest. They go before a “judge” at the event and then spend time in “jail” while raising “bail” in donations for the fight against cancer. Upon release, they receive confirmation that their good work has allowed them to be placed on the Canadian Cancer Society’s Nice List.

Sean Sinclair has done his time in this year’s Jail and we are happy to report his efforts have returned him to the office.

Congratulations and thank you Sean.


Paulsen Presents at STLA/CBA Discussion on Women in Law

Tiffany Paulsen will be a member of the “esteemed panel of presenters” at the upcoming Dispelling the Myths about Women in Law panel discussion sponsored by the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association and Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch.

Join Tiffany and other women in law on Wednesday, November 16 4:30 – 5:30 at the College of Law to hear their stories of working in law in Saskatchewan.

Month: November 2016