Effect of Marriage or 24 Months of Cohabitation on Your Will – Changes to the Wills Act

The law in Saskatchewan used to be that an existing will would be revoked when the will maker married or upon the will maker cohabiting in a spousal relationship continuously for two years, unless there was a declaration in the will that it was made in contemplation...

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Legal News

Saskatchewan Estate Litigation Update: McStay v Berta Estate, 2021 SKCA 51

A recent case from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, reminds us that a Chambers judge cannot decide conflicting evidence on the basis of affidavits. Rather, any weighing of credibility must wait for the later trial. The case in McStay arose out of a will...

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Secured Lending in Aircraft Objects – Framework Overview of the International Registry of Mobile Assets

Lenders or creditors taking security in assets relating to Aircrafts Objects need to understand the framework of the International Registry of Mobile Assets (the “Registry”). Read the brief outline of this framework and the security a lender may expect to receive in Aircraft Objects.

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The potential dangers of adding children as joint tenants

Many people like to add the name of a child, or children, to their home. The hope is to avoid probate fees on the death of the parent, and have the asset go directly to the children. However, before you make this decision, be aware of the following potential danger:...

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Estate Litigation Update – Thorne v Thorne

A recent case of the Saskatchewan Court of Queen Bench offers the following lesson: the Court’s power to “fix” clerical mistakes in Wills, may not necessarily be ordered if there are deeper concerns about the testator’s actual testamentary intentions. Section 37 of...

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