Four Robertson Stromberg Lawyers Recognized as Litigation Stars

Robertson Stromberg LLP is proud to announce that four of our lawyers have been recognized by Benchmark Litigation as Litigation Stars. Lawyers M. Kim Anderson, Q.C., Jennifer D. Pereira, Q.C., Sean M. Sinclair and Gary D. Young, Q.C., have been identified as four of...

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National Volunteer Week 2022: Highlighting Robertson Stromberg’s Community Partnerships

From April 24 to 30, Canadians celebrate National Volunteer Week (NVW2022). This year’s theme is Volunteering is Empathy in Action and honours the dedicated volunteers that bring heart to Canada’s communities. At Robertson Stromberg LLP, we are very proud of our...

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Sean Sinclair quoted on impact of anti-SLAPP (strategic litigation against public participation) legislation

Sean Sinclair was quoted in a CBC story about the impact of anti-SLAPP (strategic litigation against public participation) legislation.  A private member’s bill in Saskatchewan is proposing that Saskatchewan, like B.C., Ontario and Quebec, enact legislation that...

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Can a complainant appeal the outcome of a professional regulatory investigation?

The process for most professional regulatory complaints is largely the same: (1) a complaint is lodged with the regulator; (2) an investigation is undertaken; (3) the investigating body either determines that no further action should be undertaken or the complaint is...

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Estate Litigation Update: Poole v Dailey, 2020 SKQB 226

I practise in the area of estate litigation and am often reminded of the importance of having a clearly drafted Will. A good recent example comes from the decision in Poole v Dailey, 2020 SKQB 226. The deceased had left his estate between his two children, Brian and...

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Saskatchewan Estate Litigation Update: Hayes v Swift, 2021 SKQB 132

The recent decision in Hayes v Swift, 2021 SKQB 132 offers a reminder that beneficiaries should ensure they have real evidence of executor wrongdoing before they bring a court application against an executor. Facts: The testator, Bernard William Hayes, had passed...

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Saskatchewan Estate Litigation Update: Whelan v Chaszewski, 2021 SKQB 286

The recent decision in Whelan v Chaszewski, 2021 SKQB 286 offers guidance for a situation in which two competing parties want to be appointed to administer an estate. The lesson from Whelan is that a court will not generally appoint a party who has a potential...

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Saskatchewan Estate Litigation Update: Vance (Re), 2021 SKQB 320

The recent decision in Vance (Re), 2021 SKQB 320, reminds us of the importance of keeping our wills updated. The application in Vance was brought by De-Anna Lynn Bailey, in relation to the estate of her nephew, James Benjamin Gilbert Vance (“Deceased”). Background To...

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Funeral expenses: Why executors should pay them promptly

This article discusses the payment of funeral expenses out of an estate, and why executors should pay them promptly. The first reason is practical. After death, the funeral home is often the first to provide a service to the estate. It disposes of the body in a safe...

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