Sean Sinclair Represents Media in Police Scanner Issue

Media outlets in Saskatchewan no longer have access to Police One, the police radio scanner that allowed journalists to hear what is happening on the secure police channel.

Both Saskatoon and Regina police services say they have closed their scanner channels to media to comply with the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation.  The problem lies in the sharing of personal information. Regina police Chief Evan Bray said information including names, addresses, dates of birth, past criminal charges and other pieces of personal information were shared on the dispatch channel.

Representing the media, Sean argues in today’s Saskatoon StarPhoenix that journalists provide an important service by alerting the public to potentially dangerous situations. “There is a huge public interest in ensuring that the media have access to that timely information so that they can alert the public to the issues that are occurring.”

Sean has done interviews with the CBC as well as the StarPhoenix.  The CBC news story can be read here.



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