Whether it’s personal or business, we handle cases ranging from personal wills to overseeing complex business deals, and everything in between. Our success comes as a result of our collective effort. Combining the experience of your lawyer together with the resources of our team, you can put your trust in us to handle your case with confidence.




Backed by our extensive experience, our team offers the essential expert preparation needed to represent administrative and quasi-judicial tribunals or clients that appear before such tribunals.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation, Collaborative Law and Arbitration are alternative dispute (ADR) processes that help parties resolve disputes without going to court.

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Modern agriculture is more than raising crops and livestock. Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of intellectual property law, user agreements, environmental regulations, food safety regulations, and land use.

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In arbitration, an arbitrator, being a neutral third party will conduct a hearing of evidence and provide a decision on the matter in dispute. 

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Banking and Financial

Our lawyers offer expertise in corporate and commercial, insurance, debtor-creditor, and real estate law. This includes a deep understanding of the legal needs of banks, credit unions, trust companies, insurance companies, and other financial service providers like merchant banks and equipment lessors.

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency

When you or your business face difficult financial issues, you need to know your options. You can count on Robertson Stromberg negotiators and litigators to help you find the right path as efficiently as possible.

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Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a process where the parties to the dispute, and their respective lawyers, who have collaborative law training, work together to resolve all of your issues.

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Commercial Lending and Corporate Finance

When it comes to corporate and commercial law, nothing beats the business savvy that comes from years of diverse experience. Our lawyers provide services to equity and debt investors and all types of businesses – big and small – at any stage of their development.

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Commercial Litigation

If you must go to court, you want experience and skill on your side.
Your legal team at Robertson Stromberg delivers that experience and skill. Our lawyers practice in a broad range of law and have a history of success before federal and provincial courts.

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Commercial Transactions and Real Estate

You want a lawyer as committed to the success of your business as you are. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to corporate and commercial law, delivering a full range of services to a wide variety of companies, big and small.

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Construction Law

Robertson Stromberg’s multi-disciplinary approach allows us to tailor services for a broad range of industries.

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Corporate Law and Governance

The responsibilities of corporate governance require expert advice. Our corporate counsel helps executives and directors weigh complex considerations such as:

fiduciary duties
labour and employment issues
regulatory compliance
corporate and board structure

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Criminal Law

Robertson Stromberg’s criminal law team have amassed solid and diverse credentials working with Provincial and Federal Attorneys General and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and as Crown prosecutors.

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Debt Collection

Whether you’re dealing with a personal or business debt, we understand the ins and outs of creditor’s rights. Our comprehensive and skilled approach to debt collection focuses on getting you the results you want in an efficient manner.

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Educational administrators overseeing everything from kindergartens to universities and colleges must take special considerations into account in dealing with legal issues.

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Estate Litigation

The death of a loved one is often a stressful time for a family. Sometimes, it is made even more difficult because of disagreements over the will or estate.

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Family Law

When both parties in a dispute want to stay out of court, they can often successfully negotiate a settlement with the guidance of specially trained lawyers. Both parties enter the process committed to respectful communication. Both lawyers agree that, in the event of not being able to reach a settlement through collaboration, they will not take part in any litigation between the couple.

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Indigenous Commerce

Indigenous law is the umbrella term for a wide array of areas of law as they apply to First Nations and other Indigenous groups. Typical areas include:

Treaty rights
economic development
natural resources rights and management
hunting, fishing, and trapping rights
fiduciary responsibility of the Crown
land and property compensation claims
government relations

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Robertson Stromberg serves Saskatchewan’s insurance and risk management communities with professional, vigorous, and high-quality service.

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Labour and Employment

The relationship between employees and employers is governed by many different categories of federal, provincial, and municipal laws, in-house policies and procedures and, in the case of unionized workplaces, collective agreements.

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Media Law / Defamation

Defamation is a public attack on the good reputation of you and/or your business through a harmful verbal or spoken statement (slander), or a harmful printed statement (libel).

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Mediation is a facilitated negotiation process in which a Mediator works with both parties to assist the parties in reaching an agreement without having to go to court.

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Municipal Law and Local Government

Having represented numerous urban and rural municipalities and school boards across Saskatchewan, our local government law specialists have extensive experience in:

drafting and enforcement of bylaws
municipal tax assessment and enforcement
general municipal litigation
municipal corporate issues

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Natural Resources

Natural resources law, particularly as it applied to the mining and forestry industries, is a critical element in being good stewards to Saskatchewan’s environment and its economic health.

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Professional Discipline and Liability

Matters of professional negligence or liability are handled by our team of administrative law specialists. They offer advice and representation in alternative dispute resolution negotiations, or appearances before professional bodies and governing tribunals for lawyers, engineers, notaries, and architects.

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Residential Real Estate

For most of us, our home is our largest investment and greatest asset. Whether it’s a first house, a summer cabin, or a retirement property, our residential real estate group has the extensive knowledge and practical experience to help you, whether you’re buying or selling your home.

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Securities, Private Equities and Venture Capital

Our corporate and commercial lawyers offer a wealth of experience in corporate finance to clients working to structure their business to attract investment and to those looking for advice on investment opportunities. See our Commercial Lending and Corporate Finance section for more details.

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Small Business

Small business owners use a wide range of skills – and a healthy dose of common sense – to keep their operations running smoothly. We approach the complexities of small business law with the same attitude.

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Succession Planning

When you’re a business owner, retirement looks a little different. Worried about financial resources or passing on your knowledge of day-to-day operations?

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Tax Law

Successfully navigating the labyrinth of tax law requires a guide with tremendous depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. Our tax specialists can help with:

income tax
estate planning
tax disputes and resolution
payroll taxes

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Transportation is critical to Saskatchewan’s prosperity. Our province supplies raw material and manufactured goods for markets across the country and around the world. Our key industries depend on goods reliably coming into our province every day.

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Wills, Estates, Trusts, Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney

From drafting simple wills and health care directives to overseeing complex estates and trusts, our lawyers will help you smoothly navigate this important legal area.

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Whether it’s personal or business, we handle cases ranging from wills to overseeing complex business deals, and everything in between. Our success comes as a result of our collective effort. Combining the experience of your lawyer together with the resources of our team, you can put your trust in us to handle your case with confidence.