Estate Litigation

The death of a loved one is a stressful time for a family. Sometimes, it is made even more difficult because of fights over the will or estate.

We offer a wealth of experience in resolving estate issues, including:

  • handling legal arguments about the validity of wills or other testamentary documents
  • assessment and litigation issues around testamentary capacity or undue influence
  • helping administrators or executors handle challenges to their authority
  • ensuring administrators or executors are accountable for their actions in administering an estate
  • executor rights and responsibilities

There are a variety of ways to handle your estate litigation case. We are committed to finding the best way of resolving your dispute, whether it is negotiation, alternative dispute resolution or court involvement.

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James D. Steele

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The Saskatchewan Estate Law blog is dedicated to providing practical, real-world information on Estate Law issues that affect Saskatchewan residents. The blog is written by RS lawyer, James Steele, whose practice focuses on estate litigation.

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