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Taxes. It’s one thing that multi-million dollar corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals have in common.

Successfully navigating the labyrinth of tax law requires a guide with tremendous depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. Our tax specialists can help with:

  • income, corporate, sales and commodity taxes
  • estate planning
  • tax disputes and resolution
  • payroll taxes
  • mineral royalties
  • tax law as it specially applies to First Nations and other Aboriginal groups

Our lawyers work with you to find efficient and innovative ways to handle complex and intricate taxation issues affecting every kind of tax return and strategy.

Christopher J. H. Donald, K.C.

Direct: (306) 933-1366
Main: (306) 652-7575
Fax: (306) 652-2445
Email: [email protected]

Melvin A. Gerspacher, K.C., FCPA, FCA

Direct: (306) 933-1324
Main: (306) 652-7575
Cell: (306) 380-5753
Fax: (306) 652-2445
Email: [email protected]

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