Membership in Meritas Law Firms World Wide

Robertson Stromberg LLP is now a member of Meritas Law Firms World Wide.  Meritas is a global alliance of independent, full-service law firms.  It has been in existence since 1990.

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Sinclair published in The Advocate

Sean Sinclair’s article titled “How Much is Too Much?:  Section 4 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines” appears in the September 2011 issue of The Saskatchewan Advocate.

The Saskatchewan Advocate is a Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association publication.  To visit their site click here

Pereira elected Professional Image Chair, CBA (SK)

Jenn Pereira has been elected the Professional Image Chair of the Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Bar Association.  In her role, Jenn will oversee various mentorship programs: the aboriginal law students summer job program, the Saskatchewan firm showcase and the CBA’s law day luncheons.  As chair, Jenn will also sit on the executive of the CBA (SK).

Tiffany Paulsen with baby Eden on the cover of “Bridges”

Today’s issue of “Bridges”, a local weekly newspaper published by the Star Pheonix features a story about RSP lawyer Tiffany Paulsen.  Tiffany is soon returning to RSP from a maternity leave.  Her other role, that of Saskatoon city councillor does not provide for time off for new parents and thus her young daughter Eden was introduced to city politics at an early age.  The story, including three charming photographs, tells how Tiffany with help from husband Larry Vols is managing to raise a baby while maintaining an active role on city council.

Month: September 2011