Tiffany Paulsen, K.C. and Ben Parsonson present at 2023 Career Forum


Law Students are invited to meet Tiffany Paulsen K.C. and Ben Parsonson at Career Forum 2023.

If you are a law student at the University of Saskatchewan, join Tiffany Paulsen K.C. and Marinko Jelovic at the 2023 Career Forum hosted by the University of Saskatchewan, College of Law on January 13, 2023. Tiffany and Marinko will present their differing experiences on Life as a Litigator vs. Life as a Solicitor. For more information and to register, click here.

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Why Do I Need a Will?

A commonly asked question is why do I need a will? Your will sets out what is to happen to your assets (more commonly known as your estate) when you pass away. If you pass away without a will then your estate falls into what is called intestacy. An intestate estate puts more strain and stress on your loved ones as they will first have to all agree upon and determine who will administer the estate and then do so in the absence of a formal will.

Administering an intestate estate often involves more steps than one with a will and also makes the estate subject to The Intestate Succession Act, 2019 (the “Act”) for determining who stands to benefit from your estate. The Act not only sets out who is to benefit from your estate but also in what proportions, regardless of what you may have otherwise wanted. Having a proper will therefore not only makes it easier to obtain letters probate from the court but also control who is to benefit from your estate and in what way. Failure to have a properly drafted will can also lead to more conflict and expense as loved ones argue over what they believe your testamentary intentions were.

Having a properly drafted and executed will is beneficial for your loved ones to ensure that your intentions are met, and they are looked after. A properly done up will along with appropriate estate planning can also save your estate money, ultimately leaving more for your loved ones. It can also assist them sooner in ensuring your assets from your estate flow to them in a more expeditious manner.

For more information on having your will prepared or estate planning, please contact Ben Parsonson at [email protected] or at 306-933-1353.

Steele and Parsonson Speak on Wills and Estates

On March 5, James Steele and Ben Parsonson volunteered their time to address wills and estates issues with the residents of the Palisades Retirement Residence.

Together they spoke on the importance of having a Will, or Power of Attorney, or health care directive as well as some potential issues which may cause a Will to be challenged.

Whether it’s personal or business, we handle cases ranging from wills to overseeing complex business deals, and everything in between. Our success comes as a result of our collective effort. Combining the experience of your lawyer together with the resources of our team, you can put your trust in us to handle your case with confidence.

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