Jared Epp authors Case Comment in Saskatchewan Law Review

Jared Epp’s article, ” Justified Coercion : A Case Comment on the Marriage Commissioner Reference” is  featured in the current edition of Saskatchewan Law Review.  

In the article Jared outlines the events that led to the Saskatchewan government asking the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal whether it would be constitutional to amend The Marriage Act  to give marriage commissioners the right to refuse to marry same-sex couples. He also comments on the potential impact of the decision authored by  Richards J. A.  The decision held that such an attempt to accommodate would be unconstitutional.  Jared’s article describes and addresses criticisms of the Court’s decision, ultimately arguing that the reference was correctly decided, and that the Saskatchewan government is justified in not accommodating its marriage commissioners.

The Saskatchewan Law Review  “seeks to publish traditional and innovative legal scholarship of high quality”.  It’s content is available in print form from Saskatchewan Library Network and via electronic databases with Quicklaw, Westlaw Canada and HeinOnline.


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News Jared Epp authors Case Comment in Saskatchewan Law Review